About Us

Our studio in Vienna was founded in 2004 after many years of practice in the field of restoration and conservation, both here and in England.

Years of study and bench experience with renowned international workshops are the foundations for our working knowledge. Teaching, active involvement in conservation institutions and project management have extended the theoretical knowledge of our specialist subject and beyond.

The studio is the realisation of our common goal to provide ethical restoration practice and outstanding craftsmanship for private customers, museums and institutions.

Richard Addison

gained 20 years of experience in restoration, teaching and management in England as a basis for self employment in Vienna. Here he combines his knowledge of the conservation challenges in individual objects and his extensive craftsmanship abilities with a close working relationship with customers.

Richard is a member of the ÖRV (Austrian Institute of Conservation). He also provides custom made mounts for object display in museums.


1982–1984 London College of Furniture – Ordinary National Diploma in Cabinetmaking, Design and Restoration  (OND)
1984–1986 London College of Furniture – Higher National Diploma in Furniture Restoration (HND)
1986–1988 Cabinet Maker and Restorer in various workshops , England
1988–1997 Furniture Restorer and Exhibition/Museum Object Mounting, Plowden & Smith, London
1996 City & Guilds Teaching Certificate 7307: Teaching in Adult Education
1997–1999 Assistant Tutor West Dean College, West Sussex. Postgraduate Diploma for Furniture Restoration and Conservation
1999–2000 Manager, Furniture Restoration Department, Plowden & Smith, London
2000 UKIC accreditation (United Kingdom Institute of Conservation of Historic Works of Art)
2000–2002 General Workshop Manager, Plowden & Smith – coordination of work and restorers in 9 restoration/conservation departments (e.g. Furniture, Paintings, Stone, Metal, Ceramics, Gilding etc.)
2002–2003 Senior Project Manager, Plowden & Smith – coordinating large restoration projects (e.g. The Kings Library for the British Museum and The Hereford Chancel Screen for the Victoria and Albert Museum)
2002–2003 UKIC Membership Secretary for the Furniture and Wood Section
2004 Founding of Addison Restoration, Vienna

Andrea Addison

studied and worked both in Vienna and England. With experience and knowledge gained in various reputable workshops, she now relishes the wide ranging restoration challenges that appear in her own studio. Conserving, reviving or reconstructing surface finishes is one of her great passions.


1992–1994 HTL Mödling; Interior Design and Cabinetmaking
1995–1997 Training in Furniture Restoration, Jan Makovec Restoration, Vienna
1997–1998 Postgraduate Diploma for Furniture Restoration/Conservation;  West Dean College; Chichester (University of Sussex)
1999–2000 Restorer for Richard Higgins Restoration, Shrewsbury, England.  Specializing in finishing, Training in Wood Turning
2000–2003 Restorer for Godson & Coles, London.  Training in Carving, Decorative Surfaces and Japanning
2004 Founding of Addison Restoration, Vienna