Working Process

Following inspection, consultation and a detailed written estimate for the customer, the agreed measures are undertaken in our 170m2 studio in Vienna – Fünfhaus.  The restoration steps range from construction, functionality and replacement of missing elements to reversing unprofessional interventions and repairing damage due to various factors.  The completion of the work is in the finishing which should, if possible be in keeping with the period of the piece.

Alongside practical restoration we offer consultation and advice in this field. This includes condition reports, maintenance concepts or advice for buyers of historic wooden objects and furniture.

Long established co-operation with experts in related fields enable us to oversee aspects of work not carried out directly in our studio, e.g. Upholstery, Glass, Marble etc.


Range of Skills

  • Constructional repairs and replacements
  • Veneer, mouldings and feet, repair/replacement
  • Marquetry and intarsia using wood, metal, tortoiseshell, ivory etc.
  • Carving
  • Turning
  • Replacing writing surfaces in leather, baize, felt etc.
  • Metalwork (repair of locks, hinges and mounts, keys)
  • European Lacquer (Japanning)
  • Decorative surfaces
  • Gilding
  • Regeneration and reproduction of historic finishes; Shellac, Wax, Varnishes, Oil
  • Research and Documentation
  • Condition reports and restoration concepts
  • Laboratory materials analysis